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Kwajok, Aweil local FA old guards ordered to hand over offices immediately

Mr. Andrea Abdullah (C)SSFA Acting Chairman, Charles Udwar (L) and the board members during press briefing

By Kayanga John

South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) Board of Directors has fired serious warning to both Kwajok and Aweil local football associations’ officialsto hand over offices to newly elected leaderships.

The Board said it has learned that the two leaderships in both FA’s whose terms ended refused to hand over office to the newly elected members.

“Kwajok Local Football Association and Aweil Local Football Association to hand over the offices to the new bodies, failure to comply with this resolution; transfer and registration of players will not be considered,” the statement reads.

It was revealed that the two leaderships in question are planning to petition the decision of their local general assemblies.

“Some people out there think that they know the rules more than everyone else. But for sure, how on earth you want to challenge the decision of the general assembly? This is not acceptable,” Charles Udwar Board member said.

General Assembly decision at any level is always final and no one can challenge it even at world football governing body, FIFA.

The general assembly consists of local football clubs at all levels of leagues in each given area like Kwajok and Aweil.

It is the general assembly that votes for the new leadership of every local football association and there is no body that is above them.

Kwajok and Aweil will not be allowed to conduct player’s transfer during December period if the old guards do not hand over the office.

In related development, SSFA Board of Directors have granted request of Bor Local football association to extend mandate of the current leadership.

Bor Local football association has been given two months to organize for local elections and allow the current management to conduct transfer window in December.

The 16 local football associations must complete their local elections before turning up for the next extra-ordinary general assembly followed by election assembly in March 2017.

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