Kulu, once a dancehall king is making a musical come back

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Very few will remember South Sudanese dancehall singer Kulu during his glorious days of 2010 when his song “gimgim and bamba” used to rock the airwaves of local radio stations in Juba.

The singer in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor said that he is making a serious come back to the music scene with songs like “Jeilb” featuring Yuppie Jay.

Kulu revealed that he went off the music scene because of his focus on education and since he is done with studies, he is ready to do his part to contribute to the development of the music industry.

“Our music industry has developed compared to the early 2010 and I love the competition in the game,” he said. “Now that I am back full swing, my fans should expect the best of educative and entertainment songs,” he said.

Kulu’s “deal” song featuring the Mountain Boys went viral in 2011, but he disappeared when he turned his attention to education.

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