The action taken by security agencies in Yambio should be emulated by all in other parts of the country. It is so impressive that when officers of the law take upon themselves to save the country and tax-payers millions from some other public officers who are looting what they are supposed to protect.  The security recovered and handed back medicines which were stolen from public health institutions in the area by medical staff who were required to administer the same to the sick. Most of the recovered drugs had been stolen and taken to private health institutions to be sold or administered for profit. This is wrong and high level theft by public officers. The law should be applied for the culprit to face the book so that they could serve as an example to others with ill-motives. These are people who should not be given another chance to hold public offices because of their action and inability to serve in public institutions. There are dishonest operators colluding with private clinics and other health facilities to steal or rob from public hospitals. That kind of operation by the national security in Yambio and its surroundings should be emulated and extended countrywide and the results may be a shocker in the national health arena. With the mushrooming of so many clinics some being operated with quacks who do not understand medicine and who are reported to have caused so many silent death and deformation of many people, there is urgent need for the government through the national ministry of health to put into place protection and preventive measures that would enable proper administration of the health sector. Diverting and stealing of drugs from public institutions included with all penalties to go with it. It is a practice that is denying the sick the right to treatments.

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