Kudos for supporting Tonj Civil Hospital

Tonj was a former district in Bhar El Ghazal region, and was part of the former Warrap state. Tonj formally comprised of three counties, Tonj North, Tonj East and Tonj South. Thanks President Salva Kiir for establishing the 28 states in which Tonj is one of its counties. Comitato Collaboraziones Medica (CCM) is an international organization working in Tonj state, especially in Tonj town and Marial Lou with their respective theatres. The two areas are the major locations where its services are being offered to the community of Tonj. The organisation works closely with the local communities and authorities so as to strengthen and develop healthcare systems and to provide quality and preventive health treatments. I am fully impressed beyond hesitation about the long-time health services rendered to the people of Tonj by CCM in partnership with Tonj Civil Hospital. The program has been exclusively helpful to the people by offering them medical services freely, these include a number of surgical operations that a common man in South Sudan can’t afford now. Besides, these health amenities are relatively even at a stone throw distances to the rural people and the small urban areas of Tonj state. Since 2015, Tonj just like other places in South Sudan that have little or no health services, have been enjoying God-gifted hands of Dr. Alaje Tekie and his medical team. This CCM-contracted Ethiopian consultant for surgery felt the need of the citizens in the area and thereby devoted himself based not on his contract, but went beyond contract line to remedy the suffering of people. His sacrifice must not and will never go unrecognized by South Sudan and Tonj in particular. The people of Tonj had long suffered from minor and major illnesses which led to the deaths of vulnerable people who could not afford Wau Teaching Hospital for treatments, not to talk of medical attention in other places such as Juba and outside the country. Minor and major surgeries were only survived by the few who could meet the expenses of either Wau or Juba and even outside the country. This group was and is only dictated by time or else possibility of helping their loved ones is guaranteed. The well-off few individuals can extend hands to more people than they currently do in getting the basic health services, which rarely happen if any. The government’s role, either state or national isn’t intended in this article. Nevertheless, Tonj state government-CCM-backed hospital deserves my sincere honor and acknowledgement for the service that is being provided up to date. The current work of Dr. Alaje Tekie and his team from CCM and the self-volunteered low-government-paid medical-staff is palatable to minds of Tonj people. And as a result, it has exclusively obligated me to proudly echo the excitement and glee of our population for the help extended to them, the citizens who are not commonly thankful to any success. The collective efforts of this organization and Tonj Civil Hospital have afforded the undreamed operations in Tonj for the first time. These medical operations which are being delivered to the people include appendectomy, thyroidectomy, herniography, ceasarian section, hemorrhoidectomy, laparatomy, colostomy, fistula repair, hysterectomy, mastectomy, and some orthopedic operations such as amputation. These are some of the operations the writer witnessed and had been hearing from thrilled voices of the common people of Tonj. Patients within Tonj and outside are all treated equally in the Hospital. It is a great help to all those who had and are receiving medications in Tonj from CCM in partnership with Tonj Civil Hospital. It goes without saying that God does not close all the doors; instead He always opens the other door for His needy children. And this becomes the HOPE on which South Sudanese should still push forward with the current ups and downs. The Hope that God is with them even in the political and economic crises of our type. More importantly, the medications including the afore-mentioned surgical operations are freely offered equally to all the people of Tonj and South Sudanese regardless of their status. Surprisingly, I have learnt that these are some of the medical treatments our big men go for outside this country. There is no reason now for a common man to spend or try to when we have the same health managements in our beloved Tonj. But for those who are prone to going overseas for treatments, I am quite sure that they have their own defined motives. I am none perplexed now in all the activities that the CCM had been under taking in Tonj. And that tells me what the organization is doing across the country. Conversely, on behave of Tonj state I would like tell CCM in Tonj state, that Tonj will not inconvenience CCM stay in the state. Tonj state has no intension and will never have ill intension to CCM as an organization and its staff, instead Tonj promises to cooperate with any NGOs of good will. The reverse of this phenomenon is and will be appreciated. Based on the stated facts, I agree to disagree with those who may decide to negate the actual truth of my happiness and credit pronounced for those who have distinguished their service delivery. This is a point where I have wholeheartedly decided to take the bull by the horns if the case be. I vow to permeate the credit for the good heart of CCM and other NGOs towards my people from now on. I would like to communicate to CCM that its work in Tonj is abundantly cherished and at the same time request this international organization to exert more efforts. On the other hand, I ask my population to render the necessarily cooperation needed to further the service. By doing that, people must bring the patients to hospitals than thinking of the then Tonj Civil Hospital. Tonj community deserves recognition for their all-time hospitality which is always experienced by the NGO that have turned up for its quest. The author can be reached via: tabanndebol@gmail.com or call 0954554710

By Taban de Bol

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