Kuac Community handover hostels to students

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Kuac Community in Juba handed over two hostels’ buildings to students studying in Juba and Upper Nile University.

Speaking to media over the weekend, Eng. Aniek Tong Atak said the facility would improve the life of students and help them focus on their studies.

“By doing so, they can contribute to the development and investment in education. The fac tis that they can manage to mobilize funds from relatives, friends and other people to build hostels for more than 30 students,” Eng. Atak said.

The Chief Executive Officer for Juba Health Science Institute, Dr. Isaac Ayii Ayii said students who were studying at various universities do not belong to particular community, saying they belong to the country.

“I am privileged that I was born in this community. For me, if I get any opportunity,I will always come in to support students because giving back to community is very important and what we need to dois to encourage them on how to pay back,” he said.

The Chairperson ofKuac Area Student Association in Upper Nile University Daniel Malang Madeng Mathiang said some students could not afford to pay full tuition fees in various universities and food.

“Lack of food in hostels is a challenge and getting money to buy power  for students for night studies is very difficult. Also lack of photocopy machines for those who are doing research,it is very hard for them to print research project,” Mr. Madeng said

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