Korbandy advises students to persevere with the situation

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Presidential Advisor on Legal Affairs, Lawrence Korbandy urged the students not to give in a difficult situation in the country.

“Never give up otherwise you will drop out of school and I don’t encourage you to be defeated by the situation,” Mr. Korbandy told Students while  addressing the students during the welcoming ceremony of the newly admitted Amadi State University and high Institutions in Juba on Saturday.

He said students should have a vision for education for brighter future.

Korbandy added that he was once a victim of such situation but because he has the vision for education he was able to defeat those challenges.

He said just after three days old when he was born his father died and that was the very time that challenges started facing him.

The first challenge was that the family named me “Karabani” which simply means someone killed his father and the  child grow up without his father.

“Because our society is one dominated society by then where men were in charge of everything and doing everything made many people to wonder how he would grow up,” he said.

Kurubani (Korbandy) started his primary school in Juba have been supported by his mother who was making local brew for survival and paying for her children school fees.

 “I was forced to work in restaurants washing places and glasses day and night only for success in education,” Korbandy narrated.

However, he said his name was corrupted by the Arabs, saying when he joined the primary school in Juba the teachers who were the Arabs could not pronounce  it and since it was similar to Korbandy it has to remain like it is now.

I am simplly giving this example not because I do not want you to be helped by us but I do not want you to be defeated by minor challenges which you are facing now,” he said.

However, he encouraged students to be strong and they should not be selective in choosing the job after finishing university.

He said working in such places cannot change somebody’s characters or reduce someone’s knowledge that one have acquired.

“If you do that you will transform your home, you will transform your society, he advised.

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