Konyokonyo plot disputes to be resolved today

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The fate and the future of the disputed plots in some parts of Konyokonyo Markets are to be decided today after a meeting with the stake holders.

Robert Pitia Francis, the Chairperson of Central Equatoria State Chambers of Commerce revealed to Juba Monitor that he hopes all would go well with the Islamic Council and Juba City Council so that the traders represented by Chambers of Commerce are not affected.

“There have been ongoing wrangles between the Islamic Council and Juba City Council on who truly owns the disputed plots in Konyokonyo Market and the persons affected are the traders but today (Wednesday), we hope that the two bodies will agree peacefully and the traders get to know who to pay the ground rent,” said Pitia.

In an earlier meeting Pitia held with the Islamic Council a week ago, the body alleged that they have documents dating back to 1970s indicating that they are the owners of the disputed plots.

The Islamic Council has shown willingness to solve the issue peacefully and vowed to work towards the development of the country.

Pitia also revealed that currently both Juba City Council and Islamic Council are charging ground rents for the disputed plots, hence impacting heavily on the traders.

From today’s meeting, the traders will be able to know exactly how and who to pay the ground rent to.

Konyokonyo Market is Juba City’s biggest business hub, booming with several kinds of traders dealing in different commodities.

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