A foot for thought

Knowledge and technology

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

These two words have different meanings in terms of application on the ground. You can be highly educated, obtain the highest levels of certificates like Doctorates or Professors in University, but without digital knowledge, you are less educated.

Technology, these days, matters in everything. For example with COVID 19 Pandemic, people are conducting meetings, conferences and pieces of training online.

If you don’t have knowledge of how to apply and zoom to the meeting halls, you cannot be in a position to attend the above-mentioned subjects.

Technology is a key to a new system of communications, if you want to get jobs abroad, you should know how to fill out forms and sign contracts online. It has become a new system of doing work with more details and transparency.   The advantages of it, are it has less corruption, it is not like people steal money in the offices.  There are criminal people also online if you don’t know, they can steal your money and is difficult to get them.

For projects, everything is done in a way that you cannot hide.  If there are jobs, you cannot employ your relatives, who don’t know digital procedures. There is nothing like special consideration for the person you love or tribesmen. You can do many things within a short period of time.

  It will expose you to many people from different countries in the world. That is why it was said the world has become globalized or one village. If you want to interact with others outside the country, it is a must to know digital communication.

WhatsApp, email and other social media have become means of communication. You cannot do without them.

However, it is important to be educated and have digital knowledge.  Other works without digital knowledge, you cannot do them. Better to move together with the rest of the world in our daily work. 

Knowledge and technology are important for the current generation. How to learn, try your best. There are many pieces of training that can qualify you to learn.

May God bless us all.

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