Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

The previous sleepless nights spent by some self-proclaimed candidates who were always seen in the corridors of power-base trying very hard to attract attention of the appointing authorities for the governorship must be nearing to the end. The presidency has made choice and what remains cannot stop the country from moving forward. Right now it a lockdown that the presidency should applied so that those appointed could take their states and start discharging their duties for the benefit of the general public. While awaits the remaining two appointments that weren’t done for unknown reasons, those who did not make it should understand that even if one did not win, get the ears or favor in the appointments, there are other responsibilities one could still participate effectively to help in building this country. It is time to understand that not only political appointment could help one to move forward or to develop the nation. There are other challenges tasks which require the know-how and the minds of think-tanks. This crowding the corridors to be appointed or to be favoured with this or that should be forgotten as the country geared towards its development agenda, and at this time when the coronavirus is causing havoc globally. The appointees should now move to the states and start directing the positive causes and activities that are beneficial to their respective states. Juba City should be history to them and only be there when they are really needed by their bosses. We must create a space for them to start and do their works. They should also know that they must be with the people and for the people in their jurisdiction instead of spending much time and money in Juba like some of the previous governors. Arguably, there are some states which do not or may not have shelters for offices, but this should not be advanced as an ideal reason (s) not to be in the localities. There are other group of people who should equally give space to the appointees. These are the opportunists who are crowding the homes and rooms of those appointed. They take the first opportunities to congratulates and run to the media outlets for their end gains. It is not bad to congratulate but should not be taken as a mean of supporting or being sycophant. They should not use their act to mean they are more superior or good than the society or community they live in. Already a number of congratulations are being seen but they should equally ensure the appointed are answerable to the community or society they are serving. The interests of the outsiders should not be entertained because at the end of it all they stand to divide the people. The newly appointed should not shy away from the reality which faces them on the ground. Their success in moving forward will entirely depend on their cooperation with the local people in their jurisdiction, a thing which they must understand very clearly, that they are not the masters but the servants of the people.  

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