Kindhearted Kenyan donates to the needy in Juba

Annastacia Nduku Wambula, a Kenyan business woman on Saturday visited some needy households in Tongping and donated bread and clothes to them.

The business woman in her late twenties said that she was motivated by the stories some of the needy people told her.

‘some of this people used to pray with me in the same church then I noticed after sometime that they were not coming to church and when I met some, they told me hunger and lack of clothes hinders them from coming to church ‘said Ann

Ann revealed that whatever she contributed to the needy people was her own arrangement as she said that the hand that gives gets.

“I don’t have much but can share what God has given me with those who completely don’t have, the Bible says that the hand that gives gets,” Ann told the Juba Monitor

Ann also appealed to whoever is able to support the needy people to come up and render any support they can as God will bless them in return.

The Good Samaritan who belongs to Born of God also said that her church has several times given back to the community as on the 7th of August they visited some needy people in Gudele residential area.

By Mandela Nelson Denis





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