What is happening in Lakes State and its surroundings should be condemned with the strongest term possible because it is turning not only the state but the whole country as a killing nation where life does not really matter. Right now, there are two school children killed, 20 youth killed and a new bishop recently posted in the area shot in his two legs. Cattle raid aside, one is left wondering if there is life worth living in this area and who really care what pictures and images are being sent outside to the international communities. Is there any hope for children and youth of school going age? If so, what is the state government doing to bring down and to book those notoriously involved in the skirmishes. It is like the state authorities have failed to contain the situation. If so, then the national government should take charge and bring to an end the begotten problems in the area. Is it true that there some leaders and people operating in Juba who do not want these problems to go away. Who could these people be if they are there because no one can compare or scarify   the life of a living soul with a dead one?  People must live beyond pettiness and start to think of how long they have been suffering in the hands of the enemies. They should come together for a common-goal instead of killing one another whatever the case may be. No there have been so many killings that even the area population is threatened. Unfortunately, those being slain like animals are the youth who are expected to lead their communities and the country to prosperity. What went wrong that cannot be resolved and the killings minimized if not stopped all together. No this primitive act must come to an end to save human race from extinction at the hand of their own fellow brothers and sisters.

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