Kilkilu Ana comedy extra celebrates 4th anniversary

By Sarah Kiko

Kilkilu Ana comedy extra celebrated its fourth anniversary Last Thursday at Nyakuron Cultural Centre.

The event witnessed a record turn up by mostly the youth and children as well as representatives from the government, national and international organizations, media houses and the general public.

The ceremony was aimed at preaching peace messages to put an end to the long conflict that has crippled the country. It also aimed at discouraging youth from indulging in criminal activities.

Kilkilu Ana is an Arabic word for “tickle me.” Performance from different talents ground left all attendants joyful and happy. Performances from Alabu Dance Season Two winners the White moon dancers, Empire dancers and South friends’ dancers entertained the audience.

Comedians Wokil, VIP, Okodoma and Daniel 400kg also thrilled the audience who could not help laughing out loud.

Kilkilu Ana comedy is the only comedy organization that is nurturing the talents of young and ambitious South Sudanese. It has provided them the platform to discover their talents.

Kilkilu Ana is a platform where most musicians and dancers have found their way into the music industry and they can do better anywhere without any difficulties. All the armature comedians who started the journey are now professional standup comedians.

For example comedians like; Feel Free team kebir, VIP the smiling doctor, Lotole the physically fit and Wokil the Bilpam Commander.

Talking to Juba Monitor, the General Manager of Kilkilu Ana organization Isaac Lumori commonly known as Mclumoex said the organization had achieved greatly in terms of managing the comedians, dancers and the musicians.

“Our organization has so far gathered about twenty comedians countrywide and we wish to expand the comedy to the other parts of the country. Comedy is playing a great role in unifying South Sudanese communities together,” said Lumori.

He said Kilkilu Ana’s plan is to see that the comedians meet the international standards of other well-known comedians in Africa. The likes of; Basket Mouth, Klint de Drunk and Gordon of Nigeria, Pablo and Salvador of Uganda, Eric Omondi of Kenya and Trevor Noah of South Africa.

“I am pleading to our government, international organizations and civil society to come and support the initiative. With this we can all make a difference and bring peace among ourselves added Lumori.

Comedian Feel Free team kebir expressed his gratitude to the organization for organizing the anniversary and wished next year kilkilu Ana family will organize it bigger than this.

“I am very happy today because Kilkilu Ana has always been the best show for me. I love attending the comedy show to entertain myself. This shows support us to discover our talents,” said a member of Vuvuzela, a group of fans cheering comedians whenever onstage.

“I joined kilkilu Ana in 2014 and learned that it’s a total transformation platform for peace lovers,” said comedian Okodoma.

He said before he became a comedian he did not know his responsibility in bringing peace to the country and among fellow youth.

“I became aware of how to play my role as a preacher of peace. My message to the youth and the nation is that youth are the backbone of the country whoever has a talent let him or her use it for the bitterness of South Sudan,” he affirmed.

Alabu dance season three will be in November 2018 and this time, it is bigger and great with many winning prices. Preparation will be launch soon to allow ample time for the dancing groups to apply for the audition.

“In every developing country there are thousands of challenges that face the communities but people should live together in love, unity and peace. No need to hate each other. South Sudan is our beloved land,” Lumori concluded.



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