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Kikiji Orphanage Center appeal for support in Yei

By Hassan Arun cosmas

At least 70 Orphans living Kikiji Orphanage Center are  appealing to the  Central Equatoria State government, NGOs, business community, civil society and individuals to support the orphans in Yei River County of central Equatoria Sate.

The call came after realizing that orphans are leaving in difficult situation during the visit of the star eagles’ musical band to the kikiji orphanage center on Sunday over the weekend.

Dominic living Wawa, the Founder of Kikiji Orphanage Centre explained that the center’s mission is to ensure that the orphans and abandoned children have access to health, education food and safe place to stay.

“I call on State government, Churches leaders, business people and individuals to join hands to support orphans and street children. The center believes that support the orphans and street children will enable reduce criminals and contribute to peaceful state.

He added that vulnerable orphans and abandoned children have access to medical care, education food and safe place to stay in and find love and compassion. We have the believe that supporting the orphans and street children would help reduce the number of crimes in the county or the country as a whole. Therefore, I call on the government, church leaders business people and individuals to support the orphanage,” Dominic said.

He revealed that Kikiji National Orphanage Center is an organization registered with South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission with a vision to ensure that no child suffers or perishes from neglect abuse or deprivation.

Their mission is to aid orphans and other vulnerable children of all ages in South Sudan and provide substantial care, food education safety security and health care.

At the same time,Tony Manese one of Star Eagles said that his team’s commitment to supporting the orphans.

He pledgedto support the orphans spiritually, emotional and financially to ensure that their leaving conditions are improved.

Tony promised to organize music concert in Juba to raise some funds to support the orphans go to school.

 “As star eagles and the other team, we came do our best to support them. We shall support them spiritually, emotionally and financially and when we get to Juba, we are thinking of organizing a concert in Juba to raise finances to support the orphans. We give thanks to Dominic for the vision of initiating an orphanage to carter for the vulnerable children.I am trying to call on the government, none governmental organization business community civil society and individuals to join hands to support the orphans, “appeals Tony.

Manasseh urged people holding resources to be in solidarity with the orphans and support them to see their bright future.

The singer cited that there is much need for support and encouragement to the orphans in Yei River County.

 “For us who are holding resources, what is our role? How do we channel is not only the government to help people?  All of us are part of doing something to help the need. There is much need for the orphans in Yei. They need our support, help and encouragement, “added the musician.

Another artist Deneya Denis of the star eagles called on the public to take care and stand with the orphans and support them in their education.

He promised to stand with some orphans to send them to school to produce future leaders from some of them.

Denis believes that presidents, ministers’ pastors and many others will be produced from the orphans if they are educated and notes it is everyone’s responsibility to support the orphans.

 “These children are left for us to make sure we take care of and stand with my coming is to see what their needs are and what I and my team can do to support the orphans. I made a commitment that i will support some of the orphans to see that they go to school. I want to appeal to the people out there that in these children, we have presidents, minister’s pastors and many more we need to care and educate them,” Denis requested.

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