Kiir’s Wisdom is Never Seldom [Part 1]

By Dut Makoi Kuok


Our long struggle against injustice, inequality and slavery, since the arrival of the Arabs, the Turks and the British over 600 years ago, has seriously affected our cultural values and traditions, our dignity and identity.

Among the three colonial masters, the Arabs were unique in their brutality, barbarism and chauvinism, in their claim that they were sent by the almighty Allah to Islamise and Arabise us, and that they also have divine monopoly on wisdom, mystery of creation and humanity.

The Turks purposely came for Economic reasons, they came looking for gold and strong men of the Sudan to be recruited into their inkisharia Army or sold to Europe and Arabia to earn money.

While the British on other hand, came in their search for new territories to expand their empire and be able to get slaves and minerals as well as cotton for their industries.

Southern Sudan became the hunting ground for the colonial masters, many tactics and politics were employed.

We were subjected to cruel and inhumane policies of the imperialists, in an attempt to subdue the great people of southern Sudan …Among the three powers; the British were by far and large smart and civilized, though not humane, in their grip on us.

They established strong systems of government that start from the native administration to the Governor -General level.

They also built decent offices, houses, hospitals and other infrastructure, they too opened schools and encouraged missionaries to come to the Sudan and spread the word of God.

They told us that ours were small gods and that there is one super God in heaven and one religion called Christianity.

But unfortunately they failed to show remorse or respect to the sanctity, dignity and oneness of the fellow humans in this part of the world .many slaves were forcefully taken in chains to different parts of the world to be sold or sent into slavery.

As a natural result fierce resistance became the order of the day that claimed many lives from both sides.

In 1956, the British abruptly handed us over to the Arabs in Khartoum despite vehement and violent rejection by the people of southern Sudan. We then became third class citizens in the united independent state called Sudan, under the well–educated and prepared Arabs.

When the new rulers took the mantle of power, they quickly unveil their state policy agenda of annexing the country to the Arabs league organization to enable them pursue their grand project of Islamisation and Arabisation of the whole country.

Calls for federal system of government or special arrangement for the non-Muslims and non-Arab Sudanese were rejected and policy code named Sudanisation was instituted.

Instead of hiding their colonial intention, the new rulers decided to divide the vacated positions into three.

The  most senior positions were given to the Arab Sudanese, the second less import ant positions were given to the  Muslim Sudanese  or the assimilated, while the left overs  were to be filled by the southern Sudanese and other Sudanese who were roughly 69 per cent of the population. In the first population census, those who claimed to be Arabs were only 31per cent in the Sudan.

People from African ethnic groups were denied any meaningful representation in their country of origin. All the executive branch of the government, all the way from the president, the prime minister and their Deputies, the Ministers and undersecretaries became Arabs and the assimilated.

One to three positions were allotted to the southern Sudanese who were one third of the country –all the army officers and the police became Arabs and some Muslim Sudanese.

Getting admission to the Military colleges or higher institutions of learning was made highly difficult and restrictive.

And to consolidate  their grip on power and to implement the Islamisation and Arabisation  policy, traders ,teachers and soldiers were sent to southern Sudan ,all carrying region ,culture and language firmly in their bags.

They told them that they were under the blessed mission of the almighty Allah to spread the word of Islam by all means and by all costs, and to condemn to hell the primitive religions, culture and languages of the people of southern Sudan.

They were also told that they must make sure that the super Arab civilization, culture, religion and language are embraced and praised .Many Arab Sudanese and other new Arab arrivals from Yemen and Syria (the Aleppo’s ) flocked the villages and towns ,all with clear message of Arabising the region.

My primary school headmaster and an intermediate school headmaster became Arabs in 1970s, well–trained teachers were sent to Southern Sudan for the mission.

One Ahmed Ismail Marfoua, our head master in Cueibet intermediate school, a genius mathematician, was usually interested in teaching Arabic and Islamic religion and in donating money for circumcision of school children as a step to the Islamisation project.

Arabic language as an official language became the language of instruction in schools, and a compulsory subject.

Ironically, Southern Sudanese were denied ownership of land in Khartoum, while northern Sudanese were allotted chunks of land in the South.

Missionaries were asked to leave southern Sudan so that the spread of Christianity is curtailed and curved.

Security agents were out to harass and arrest anybody who raises an eye brow or discusses issues of the sovereignty and day to day running of the country.

National TV and Radio were ordered to strictly findtune their social and political programmes to further the state policy agenda. Southern Sudan became hostage and in complete bondage.

It abundantly, became crystal clear that the minority Arab clique in Khartoum is as busy as bees in altering the creation by trying to recreate out of the black African people of Southern Sudan and Sudan, an Arab race.

Many took to their heels and joined the Anyanya one revolutionary struggles; aim at restoring sanctity, dignity and history of the people of Southern Sudan.

The writer was a former Khartoum Monitor regular contributor and former government official in Western Lakes State. He can be reached through his facebook page under the name Dut Makoi Kuok 

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