KIIR’S-Peace message for Easter

By Yiep Joseph

President Salva Kiir Mayardit in his Easter message on Thursday called on the citizens and the public to pray for peace amidst the Easter celebration.

Kiir wholeheartedly called on men and women to join him in what he termed to be prayers for peace to overcome several challenges in the country.

“As you rejoice during this holiday, I am calling upon you to maintain peace and harmony within your communities, I am also calling upon you to join me in prayers for peace, love, and wisdom to overcome the challenges we are facing as a country” part of the statement read.

Kiir said the period (Easter) brought together different people in particular Christians to reflect Christ’s victory over death.

“My family and I send our warmest greeting to you, especially the Christians who are observing Easter this weekend. This important event in the Christianscalendar brings together families, friends, and neighbors to celebrate Christ’s victory over death” the statement read.

“More importantly, his death is an ultimate expression of his love for us and the demonstration of his mercy and forgiveness of our sins. Additional to this, Christ’s demise and his resurrection confirmed his victory over death and fulfil God’s promise of life everlasting peace to his people” the President stated.

“May the spirit of our lord guide our thoughts and action during this holiday and May you all have a pleasant Easter holiday with your families” the statement partially read.

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