KIIR-Urges citizens to maintain peace

By Wek Atak Kacjang

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has called on the general public to maintain peace during this festive season in the country.

In a message to the nation on the Christmas Eve, President Kiir pointed out that this year reflects the Lord’s status as the Prince of peace through our conduct towards each Other.

“To Christians who do not celebrate Christmas, kindly allow the spirit of ecumenical solidarity to bind you with your neighbors as they partake in these festivities. To members of other faiths, the same applies to you, because our values in this country cherish harmonious co-existence of all faith groups.

“My family and I  convey our warmest Christmas greetings to all believers who are celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, both within our country and across the world, as you come together to celebrate this joyous occasion with your families, friends and communities,” President Kiir said.

He added that during the festive season, people need to remember the compatriots lost to the COVlD-19 pandemic and pay tributes to health workers who have been at the fore front in the battle against this virus since the first case was reported.

“As we welcome the Lord in our hearts, I encourage you to remember the challenges we have faced as a country this year and pray that the Lord’s Spirit will continue to nurture and strengthen our unity to stand together as a people despite these difficulties. We also need to collectively pray for God’s guidance and blessing as we strive to foster a deeper understanding in our work to resolve conflict in our country once and for all,” the President added.

The President appreciated the public servants for their dedicated service to the country, especially the members of organized forces for their sacrifice to serve the country.

“The people whom you served with dedication will always remember you for your service,” he concluded.

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