Kiir told to appoint youth for governorship- activist

By Wek Atak Kacjang

A youth Political activist from Unity State urged the Presidency to consider the appointment of youth in gubernatorial positions.

Elijah Luk Mathoat said it was important that young people were appointed in higher positions especially at the state level to end the inter-communal fighting that happened among the youths.

 “We need young person who can resolve all problems. We don’t want tribalism and we don’t want anyone who can preach tribalism among the communities.” he said

 “The youth are separated with different political affiliations in the State and if we want to ensure a bright future for the country, we need to strengthen and empower our youth,” Luk added.

He told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview that the youth have power to help the country develop and move towards progress.

Luk further stated that the youth play an important role in nation building and also are responsible for bringing social reform within the country which would determine the future of the Country.

“We appeal to our President to bring someone who can provide service equally and consider gender balance especially full security guarantee, education and freedom of right,” Luk said.

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