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Kiir to get solution for street children, says Minister

By Anna Nimiriano

The former Minister of Finance David Deng Athorbei said the situation of the streets children should be reported toPresident SalvaKiir in order for him to get solution.

Athorbei was speaking during the Christmas celebration organized for streets children at Al Zahra football playground last Saturday; Kulang Community Center organized the event.

Athorbei continued that suchprogrammes should be organized in various areas to enlighten the people of South Sudan about the conditions of thestreet children in the country.

Kulang Community Center should provide more support to the street children to improve their situation, the former minister said.

“Above all, we need to have peace in the country,” he added.

Dr. MawienAkot who was treating the street children during the celebration told Juba Monitor that the wounds the streets children have are dangerous.

“The wounds need serious follow up. Five of them have wounds that may result to the cut of their affected legs because it hasreached to bad state,” he said.

On the other hand, the program Manager of Kulang Community Center Tong Albino Akot said these streets children are the future of the country adding: “we have to take care of them. Today (last Saturday) we have started Christmas celebration with them so that they don’t feel rejected.”

“According to the information we gathered, these children camefrom Upper Nile, Bhar El Ghazal and Jubek states.  Kulang Communityis going to provide them with education and other needs,”Akot explained.

While Mary Abiong, Director General of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor said as a mother she is very sorry to see the suffering and poor health of the street children.

She saidin some communities ifthe parents of the children are dead or not responsible,relatives will educate and take full responsibility of the childrenas their own.

“I appeal to those who sympathized with the situation of the street children to donate in kind or cash to Kulang Community Center to support the street children,”Abiong said. “It is a collectiveresponsibility to see that the well-being of the street children improves.”

The RRC chairperson donated SSP 5,000 to support the streets children.

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