Kiir to bring Sudan holdout groups to join peace

By Nema Juma

President Salva Kiir has promised to intensify his effort in order to bring the two parties who were not present during the signing of the peace agreement earlier this week.

The two holdout groups of Abdalah Aziz Adam Al Hilu, the chairman of the SPLM/A-North and Abdul Wahid Mohamed al-Nur of Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) did not take part in the peace agreement because their demands were not fulfilled from the beginning of the peace talks.

The chairman of the SPLM-North was interested in the talks but his demands were not included.

Abdul Aziz interest was focusing on the secular state in Sudan and self-determination for the Nuba Mountain which was not done and this made them not to move forward.

Meanwhile the leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) Abdul Wahid al-Nur who is currently in France –Paris earlier reported on media outlets that he did not take part in the peace talks because “Juba was not qualified to be a mediator,” he said.

This came yesterday after the ten main opposition leaders signed the peace deal with the Sudan Military Council after a long search for peace and many months of negotiation in Juba.

The signed agreement addressed all the key issues in the resolution of the Sudanese conflict that included power-sharing, wealth sharing, transitional Justice, security arrangements and Internally Displaced Persons [IDPs] and refugees. 

Speaking during the ceremony, President Kiir recognized that there was unfinished work and promised to redouble his effort in order to bring all of them together for peace.

 “We will redouble our effort in convincing those who are not present in this ceremony to see value in this peace process and to be part of it,” Kiir said.

He further called on the two political forces (SPLM-North and SLM) to return to the negotiating table in good faith.

“We firmly believe that military solution to Sudan’s internal conflict is not a viable option, as a leader of a country emerging from conflicts I must reaffirm our categorical rejection of the logic of force in resolving disputes,” Kiir added.

Kiir reassured all the parties that people and the government of the Republic of South Sudan stands ready to support the implementation of THE Juba peace agreement that was initialed on Monday.

“I am calling upon the international community to remain alongside the Sudanese people as they embark on their long and difficult journey to implement this agreement,” he said.    

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