Kiir to appoint States Deputy Governors

NTC. (File Photo)

By John Agok

The Chairperson of National Transition Committee (NTC) told media during a Press Conference yesterday that the President was set to announce State Deputy Governors except for Upper Nile and Other Political Parties (OPP).

Tut Gatluak the Security Advisor to the President and chairperson of NTC told media houses that the decree shall be made on television by the President.

“The President is going to announce the decree on SSBC regarding the appointment of States Deputy Governors except Upper Nile state and the states allocated to Other Political Parties (OPP) due to simmering issues best known to the parties,” Tut Gatluak told the Press.

However, Tut called for the Press Conference on three main items; the formation of state governments, Transitional National Legislative Assembly and the graduation of unified forces as part of the security arrangement.

This is in a bid to expedite the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS).

The public is eagerly waiting to see into it that the government implements R-ARCSS later to make the New Year a peaceful one, to enable IDPS in the PoCs and refugees return to their homes and rebuild their lives once again.

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