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Kiir should ensure tied supervision of new cabinet – Activists

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Salva Kiir Mayardit has been urged to ensure close supervision of the newly appointed cabinet during their tenure of office for the purpose of reaching out to the civil population.

Following the appointment of the cabinet last week, Rajab Mohandis, Civil Society delegate to the peace process figured out that there have been recorded circumstances in the past where cabinet ministers had failed to deliver for the country’s wellbeing while on service.

The activist said that the same habit was not supposed to repeat itself with the current cabinet since the agreement stipulates for service delivery.

“We had experiences where the ministers have been appointed and as a result, many have not been delivering adequately in their respective ministries,” he narrated.

“This should not be the case at this critical moment in the history of our country. We expect that the leadership of the country should have clear communication to these ministers,” Mohandis added.  

The activist stated that the elements of commitment, responsible leadership, effective and efficient use of country’s resources were supposed to be visibly seen in the ministers’ work during their term of office.

Mohandis urged the president to impose possible penalties on the ministers who will be found guilty of corruption and funds embezzlement. 

“The element of corruption will not be tolerated and so any minister that goes to these ministries and is not delivering to the expectations of the citizens and agreement should face consequences,” he emphasized.

He also asked various leadership clusters to ensure that these ministers do not waste time in politicking implementation of the agreement, citing that the presidency was to make the new government function properly.

According to him, the current agreement should change of the lives of the ordinary citizens that the former leaders have not met in the past.

Peter Malir Biar Deng, Executive Director of Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD), who also heads civil platforms on access to Justice and youth representation said the citizens were longing to see ministers’ delivering.

“The people still feel that there is a lot to observe in the relationship on how these ministers can accomplish the tasked obligations. It is not all about Riek Machar or Salva Kiir but about this country,” he said.

Mr. Biar stated that the number of issues which were contradicting or diverting the implementation were supposed to be dealt jointly instead by parties. 

According to him, it would be prestigious if the leadership considers the suffering of the natives.

“South Sudanese are saying that if the government and opposition (the unity government) are going to consider the suffering of the people and work together then the country will return to peace,” he concluded.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit announced the long awaited cabinet on Thursday last week making complete unity government inclusive of opposition parties.

The newly appointed cabinet is expected to serve for three years period before elections.

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