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Kiir sends Security agents to investigate Maban attacks

President Salva Kiir chaired an urgent National Security meeting yesterday to address the Maban attack on aid organizations.


By David Mono Danga

President Salva Kiir has sent a high level security delegation to Maban yesterday to investigate attacks on humanitarian aid compounds two days ago.

President Kiir held an urgent meeting with the National Security agents yesterday to address the Maban attack on the aid organizations and staff in Maban.

Earlier this week angry youth attacked aid organizations in Maban County in Northern Upper Nile State leading to the repatriation of hundreds of humanitarian workers to Juba on Tuesday.

According to the South Sudan Presidential Press Unit facebook page post, the Minister of Interior, Michael Chiengjiek, the National Security Council listened to the security reports from the Governor of Northern Upper Nile state, Deng Akuei Kak and also from the police and National Security regarding the attack.

Minister Chiengjiek said the council strongly condemned the attacks on aid organizations’ premises in Maban.

At least 88,000 people were left without access to medical service in Maban after the violent attacks on humanitarian workers by angry youth over imbalance of employment opportunities.

“Following a brutal attack yesterday on our staff and facilities, we have suspended most of our activities in Maban…leaving more than 88,000 people with limited access to medical services,” the International medical organization, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) had said on Tuesday.

“Despite the attack to our facilities in Maban, a part of our team on the ground continues to ensure lifesaving treatment for patients suffering from the most critical medical conditions,” MSF assured.

The acting United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan, Adnan Khan, also strongly condemned the attacks on aid workers and NGOs facilities in Maban.

The reports indicated that the violence started as a peaceful protest at what was perceived as a lack of employment opportunities but quickly became violent and led to the attacks, looting and burning of humanitarian premises and damage to humanitarian vehicles.

“I strongly condemn today’s attacks against aid workers and facilities in Maban and urge all involved to immediately cease such actions,” Khan had said.

“Aid workers, regardless of where they are from, sacrifice their time and all too often to save people affected by the South Sudan crisis. They are free to work in any part of the country in line with the law of the land,” he added.

Khan called on all authorities to ensure the safety and security of humanitarian workers in areas under their control across the country and to work to prevent future threats against them.

CARE international also joined the UN and civil society organizations to denounce the attacks on aid workers and destruction of property in Maban County.

“CARE reiterates that aid workers should never be a target of violence,” said Rosalind Crowther, CARE Country Director in South Sudan.

She said; “Aid workers should be protected to allow them to work freely to assist millions suffering as a result of the ongoing conflict.”

She called on the authorities to offer assurance that aid workers will be given unimpeded access to the worst affected areas.

“Without such protection, millions of people will be denied much needed lifesaving assistance,” said Crowther.


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