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President Salva Kiir has sacked 12 judges. He did not give any reason for these sackings which were announced on state television on Wednesday evening but most of the judges in the country have been on strike for almost three months demanding improved working conditions in the judiciary.

The judges are also demanding the removal of the Chief Justice, better pay and improved living conditions since May 2nd, Deputy Information Minister, Akol Paul Kordit confirmed this to the press.

“These judges, who were supposed to deliver justice obstructed justice themselves. They denied our people justice for reasons that could be resolved through administrative channels,” he said.

The dismissed judges comprise of court of appeal judges, who demanded the resignation of the Chief Justice on grounds that he obstructed the judicial system, as well as the appointment and promotion of more judges.

“These were the demands we put forward. Now the complainants have been sacked,” said Geri Raymondo, a spokesman for the judges’ committee.

“We will sit down and hear from the general assembly what the next step is,” he said.

The country has only 274 judges on its payroll in its last budget, some of whom have since resigned.

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