Kiir received Leadership and good governance award.

BY Gilo Jr. Okwata

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has deservedly been awarded the Leadership and good governance award by Universal Peace Federation International for his role in brokering peace between warring parties in   the neighboring Sudan.

Universal Peace Federation is an independence international NGO with its headquarters in New York and has a general consultancy status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations. It has   also active chapters in over 120 nations including most of African nations. The organization honor the goodwill and wisdom of leaders in politics, religion, academia, business, and civil society who play a unique and essential role in bringing about a world of lasting peace,

Speaking during the presentation of the award to the President, the chairperson of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) International, Dr. Thomas G. Walsh described Kiir’s style of leadership as incredible and congratulated him for great accomplishment in the Sudanese peace agreement and victory to people of Sudan at large.

“So today we are here to give real respect and honor to all of those who contributed to this incredible and great accomplishment, we admire the signatories today but UPF would like to make this special award of leadership and good governance to H. E. the President of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir for his remarkable leadership, so UPF is very proud to present the award,” Walsh said.

Both Tut Gatluak and Dr. Stephen Dhieu Mathok also got peace ambassador awards.

In addition, the International Vice President and main representative of UPF to UN/ECSOC, Dr. Tageldin Hamad described a world by which UPF founders called Heavenly parent, holy community where people of all nationalities, ethnicities, all human race, cultures, and worldviews live together in a mutual respect, harmony and cooperation.

“The hope of all ages is the unified word of peace, peace is a magical word, peace is an emotional, it is like love, we must work hard to achieve and enjoy it, peace should start from me, from each of us by living the sake of others in the family, society, nation, and ultimately in the world. I trust that this peace agreement embodied those principles and for that we applauded and congratulated all the parties involved,” Hamad added.

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