Kiir pardons 15 prisoners

By Nema Juma

President Salve Kiir Mayardit yesterday granted full pardon to 15 Prisoners who were saving jail terms in various confinements across the country as part of marking the tenth years Independence anniversary.

However Kiir did not mention the names of the prisoners and from which confinements they were detained.

This came during his national address on the Independence Day at his office.

Speaking during the celebration day, Kiir said that as the country marked ten years he had granted full pardon to the 15 prisoners who were saving jail terms in various prisons across the country.

“Our country is Ten years old today , to mark this important occasion, I am granting  full pardon to 15 prisoners who were saving jail terms in various prison a cross South Su,” Kiir said

He also said that although “we fought among ourselves in 2013 just two years after independence we have managed to cease hostilities and maintainthe ceasefire under the peace agreement which we signed in September 2018.

Adding the ceasefire and peace agreement were holding because of the new spirit of dialogue among the parties which did not existed before the signing of the revitalized peace agreement,” Kiir added

It was not the first time for the President to pardon both political and individual prisoners.

Earlier last year PresidentKiir pardoned 30 prisoners including political activist Peter Biar and Businessman KerbinoWolAgok as a gesture towards peace and reconciliation..

The presidential decree releasing the 30 convicts were announced on State based media.

The decision followed the President’s visit to Juba central prison on a Christmas Eve where he said inmates with minor cases would be pardoned and promised to release some inmates who had shown good conduct

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