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Kiir orders crack down on illegal fuel sellers

President Salva Kiir has directed the Ministry of Interior to form a task force, and issued an ultimatum to crack down illegal fuel dealers.

According to Ateny wek Ateny, the presidential press secretary, the order requires formation of a task force, before giving an ultimatum of 72 hours for illicit fuel dealers to abandon their practice.

“The committee will give 72 hours ultimatum to the illegal fuel dealers, before crackdown by the task force to be formed by the Ministry of Interior,” Ateny said. “Failure to do that after three days, they will be cracked down,” he said.

This comes after the President met the recently formed committee to oversee fuel supplies in the country in response to perpetual shortages in the Country. Over the past two weeks, fuel shortage has forced the price to skyrocket to South Sudanese Pounds 7,000 per 22 litre jerican in the black market.

The committee comprises of the Ministers of Finance, National Security, Minister in the Office of the President, Undersecretary Ministry of Petroleum, the Managing Director of Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet) as well as the two Directors of National Security both Internal and External.

Ateny said the President also directed the Managing Director of the State Oil Corporation Nilepet to stop issuing personal approvals of fuel trucks.

According to Ateny, the personal trucks are the biggest problem because they go to the black market but not to the public market at the fuel stations.

Mohamed Lino, the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Petroleum later revealed to the press that the directives will be implemented by the Security organs comprising of National Security and National Police.

The Minister in the Office of the President, also chairman of the board of Directors of Nilepet is also directed to give directives to the Nilepet Managing Director to cease giving personal approval to individuals or institutions.

He must also develop mechanisms on how to deliver fuel to public institutions and private companies according to the directives of the President,” said Ateny.




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