KIIR, New gov’t set for November

By Kidega Livingstone

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has expressed confidence that the new government will be formed in November.

Yesterday, the President appealed to the people of South Sudan to welcome their brothers and sisters from the opposition in readiness for the formation of the new government.

President Kiir was speaking during the occasion to celebrate the 64th Anniversary of Veteran’s Day at Army Headquarters, Bilpam.

Kiir expressed his desire for an all-inclusive government and urged everybody to join him in serving the people in the new government.

The Pre-Transitional Government of National Unity will be in existence for three years any polls are held.

“I am telling you to be ready to receive the peace agreement so that we receive our brothers and sisters who are in the bushes fighting us. We will receive them and we shall work with them in the same government,” said Kiir.

“We want everyone to be in this government after the period of three years we will go for election because power will be given to people of South Sudan to elect their leaders they want,” he added.

During the occasion, Kiir also decorated several veterans for their recognition and contributions to the South Sudan’s People Defense Forces, Organized forces of South Sudan Police Services and the Prison department.

The President said everybody struggled for the independence of South Sudan and not only members of the armies and the organized forces.

He said those who used pens, cameras and those who spoke for the achievement of independence shall also be awarded with the medal of recognition.

Present at the event were Ministers Michael Makuei Lueth, Information, Awut  Deng Achuil-, Foreign Affairs, Jema Nunu Kumba, Gender and Social Welfare  and Paul Akech of Trade and Industry.

Others were; Abel Alier, Joseph Lagu, Angelo Beda and Mama Rebecca Nyandeng Mabior among others.

Veterans of the Equatoria Corps (the Anyanya One) who fired the first bullets in 1955 in Torit were also awarded medals and ribbons.

Speaking on behalf of the veterans Col. Rebecca Joshua, former Transport Minister said hard work by the veterans during the struggle led to the victory and history of the country’s place.

“We will be awarded medals and ribbons for granted. This is going to give us momentum for fighting for peace. It’s time for us to leave work to the young ones who are capable to defend this country but Mr. President, try to promote the veterans from step one and two,” Rebecca Joshua said.

Nyandeng Kerbino, one of the veteran soldiers told President Kiir that she should struggle to put the country back for development to continue.

“I do not consider myself a widow because the flag of South Sudan has been raised high,” Nyandeng Kerbino.


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