Kiir, Machar’s points for peace implementation

By Anna Nimiriano

President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar have agreed on number of issues to be implemented for the peace deal in the country. That was the commitment they have shown to the people of South Sudan. I hope there would be no condition created by the two leaders to discourage citizens of this country.

On the issue of constitutional amendment, it was also discussed in the National Dialogue Conference that the constitution of South Sudan should be amended, for the reason that some laws were adapted from Sudan which are not suitable for our people.   We should have laws that are accepted by our people and not causing us problems in implementation.

Security laws were to be strong, to avoid insecurity complications in the country. What happened in the country was due to poor laws that guide the army. Above all is the implementation of laws. Sometimes the law is violated by top management. For example, if a person is accused for crime, and the case reaches the authority, he or she should be discharged if he not guilty without the concern of the other party, especially if they have people in highest positions of the government. The order will come from the above to cancel the case. If this practice is not changed, whatever laws we have, we cannot improve. In addition to that, various people are taking laws into their hands which should not be allowed.

Therefore, soldiers and other forces in the government need training to qualify them to do work professionally. Several of them were recruited without training. If they made mistake may be due to lack of professionalism. Any job needs professionalism to minimize unnecessary mistakes.

However, for peace message to reach people of South Sudan at the grassroots, we need number of media houses to come up and do their work without intimidation and harassment. We need people to express their views freely on what government should do for them. That is their right as citizens of this country.

Nevertheless, limited number of media houses in the country, reduced information on peace message to reach other places.  Infrastructures are very poor; no good roads and bridges to easy work for journalists to move to the states to collect information.  Poor network in some states block journalists not to send their work in Juba. If we need better information, we should improve the above mentioned situation. Otherwise, it is a word without any action.

If our leaders are serious and committed to what they said, a lot of things would improve in this country, there is nothing permanent on earth by human being. We are the one who destroyed this country and at the same way we should improve it.

May God bless us all.

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