Kiir, Machar for peace talks in Juba

By Anna Nimiriano

As the peace talks was going on between President Salva Kiir and the Opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar in Juba, people of South Sudan were keen  to hear action points for sustainable peace in the country.  The days of the peace talks remained historical for South Sudanese, which  they cannot forget.

It is the moment of putting things right in the country through dialogue, to hold responsibility and accountability of South Sudan leadership in the country and across. Any step of peace talks is considered as a responsibility. At the end of the day, it is a history to remember by the people of South Sudan.

On Monday this week when the meeting opened, the two leaders agreed that the issue of states should be discussed the following day, as it was one of the critical agenda that caused a lot of discussions in the previous talks. It had become critical topic during the past talks that President created 32 states which was not agreed to by Dr. Machar, and what was suggested by Dr. Machar was not also agreed by President.  This time they have to agree on certain number of the states.

Otherwise, during the Equatoria Regional Conference in Juba the participants recommended that as the three regions agreed for the federal system of government, let the regions have the same states, for example Upper Nile should have 13 states, Greater Equatoria Region same and Bahar-El Ghazal region to bring it to total of 39 states countrywide with equal distribution of powers and services to the citizens.

Any number they agreed upon should be for the welfare of the people of South Sudan.

Above all people need adequate services and development in the country. No region should be marginalized for whatever reason. What people of South Sudan need are systems that make them confortable not bringing misunderstanding between ethnic groups.  What had happened in the past is to be forgiven. The two leaders should forgive themselves and open new chapter for new spirit of working together.

November 12 is not far for the formation of transitional government. Dr. Machar should be available in the country.  His presence in the country is very important. The implementation of peace cannot be coordinated from abroad.  If he is around it reflects peace in the country. He should talk in media on what is supposed to be completed. They should work hand in hand with President Kiir as they had been together during those years. I wish them all the best on the concluded roundtable discussions.

May God bless us all.

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