Kiir forms Central Equatoria State government

By Wek Atak Kacjang

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has formed the Central Equatoria State government.

The Minister of Presidential Affairs Nhial Deng Nhial earlier announced that the State government would be formed by February 15th.

In a Presidential Decree read out on South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC), Kiir appointed State Minsters, County commissioners, advisors and heads of commissions on Saturdayas follows:


1 – WaniGodwil Edward, Minister of Cabinet Affairs (SPLM-IO).

2 – Moro Isaac Genesio, Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement (SSOA)

3 – Gerald Francis Nyukuye, Minister of Peace-building (SPLM-IG).

4 – Taban Emmanuel Baya, Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs (SPLM-IO).

5 – PaulinoLukudu, Minister of Information and Communication (OPP).

6 –DorrinWasukLadu, Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports (SPLM-IG).

7 – Diana Susu Hassan, Minister of Finance, Planning, and Investment (SPLM-IG).

8 – Wani Top Sebit, Minister of Trade and Industry (SPLM-IG).

9 – Lily Kafuki Paul, Minister of Agriculture, Environment, and Forestry (SSOA).

10 – Alex LatioElia, Minister of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Tourism (SPLM-IG).

11 – Peter Lujo Yospeta, Minister of Cooperative and Rural Development (SPLM-IO).

12 – Flora Gabriel Modi, Minister of Housing, Land and Public Utilities (SPLM-IG).

13 – Mawa A. Moses, Minister of Roads and Bridges (SPLM-IG).

14 – Modi John Molla, Minister of Labor, Public Service and Human Resource (SPLM-IG).

15 – Nejua Marshal, Minister of Health (SPLM-IG).

16 – Cirisio Zachariah, Minister of General Education and Instructions (SPLM-IO).

17 – Martin Mollai Dodo, Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare (SPLM-IG).


1 – James ModiLaku, Peace and Security (SSOA)

2 – David Wani, Economic Affairs (SPLM-IO).

3 – Jacob Gore Samuel, Legal Affairs (SPLM-IG).

4 – Bullen Amos Soro, Human rights (SPLM-IG).

5 – Mariam A. Zachariah, Fever and Social Welfare (SPLM-IG)

Independent Commissions:

1 – George WaniElia, Anti-corruption (SPLM-IO) deputized by KenyiAbiaso

2 – Asio Moses John, employees justice chamber (SPLM-IO) deputized by Huda Michael Laila

3 – Marino Michael Sebit, HIV/AIDS (SSOA)

4 – Felix Lado Johnson, RRC (SPLM-IG) deputized by Amal Suleiman

5 – Isaac WuriEluni, human rights (SPLM-IG) deputized by Emmanuel KoseWani (SPLM-IO)

6 – Henry Kala Sabuni, conflict resolution and reconciliation (SPLM-IG) deputized by Amule Barnabas Lemi (SPLM-IG).

County Commissioners:

1 – Charles Joseph Wani, Juba County (SSOA).

2 – Aggrey Cyrus, Yei River County (SPLM-IG).

3 – Joseph Mawa John, Morobo County (SPLM-IG).

3 – James LinoMalouAnok, Terekeka County (SPLM-IO).

4 – Emmanuel Khamis, Lainya County (SPLM-IG).

5 – KenyiErasto Michael, Kajo-Keji County (SPLM-IO).

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