Kiir condemns Tambura violence

By Yiep Joseph

President Kiir has condemned the recent fighting in Tambura and attacks in Yambio in Western Equatoria State and urged for conflicting parties to stop.

Addressing Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement(SPLM) members during an event organized by the party youth league in Freedom Hall over the weekend, President Kiir called on those fighting in Tambura and Yambio to cease from fighting.

“There are people who want fighting and up to now there is fighting in Tambura and Yambio in western Equatoria, what is the reason of fighting we do not want that” Kiir reacted.

He assured the masses on the government commitment in bringing peace to the country adding that government would not entertain anything that may leads to war.

“The issue of war in the country will not bring any development to the nation, that is why I do not want people to go back to war” he said

“Because I do not want people to go back to war that is why I agreed to have five vice presidents while there is no any other country with this structure,

“We do not want to go back to war, I usually say it every day and I will continue to say it that we do not want to go back to war because war causes loss of lives and destruction of properties” he added.

He revealed that the war has many negative impacts on the people of South Sudan, that government would not encourage disputes or fighting in any way among the people.

“You have seen it during our fighting with the Sudan, many people lost their lives and a lot of properties were destroyed and when we fight again many other people will be lost but it will not happen again” he assured

He called on the citizens to embrace peace and work toward the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement.

“Let us all do our things in a way that we can implement the revitalized peace agreement and bring stability to our country” he appealed.

He also appreciated   the masses for refusing to follow the so-called Peoples’ Coalition for Civil Action which was an issue last week.

“What came up last week was a big task for the people of South Sudan, where certain group of people residing in America and other countries through social media called on you to go for protest,I thank all of you that you did not hear what they said and you did not go to the road protesting” Kiir said.

“We are implementing the peace agreement and we do not need anything that can interfere with it” he said.

“The interim period we have been going through is what some people wanted us to be going through, interim period after interim period?When are we going to take permanent discussion of our country” he added.

He alsoadvised the youths to be engaged in private sector especially businesses adding that private sectors have many job opportunities compared to the government.

“Do not sit and wait to be employed in government offices, when I went to be Bor, I got many people engaged in various activities for example, road construction and otherswere involved in transportation of fish from Bor to Juba and even up to Uganda in order to get money.Dear members do not just sit in Juba waiting for government offices” he complained.

However, the Interim Acting General secretary of the SPLM peter Lam Both appreciated the president for the good move of giving women high positions in the SPLM party and in the leadership.

“For the first time to appoint female speaker in South Sudan parliament,it would remain in the history” Lam said.

He added that it was a task of the youths to make sure that the people know what the SPLM as a party has done to the people of South Sudan.

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