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KIIR BLAMES Organised forces for rampant crimes

By Jale Richard

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has blamed some members of the organised forces for involvement in committing crimes against civilians.

He also blamed them for failure to protect civilians especially in the national capital Juba.

Addressing a number of officers from the National Police Services, Prison Services, and Fire Brigade at Freedom Hall in Juba yesterday, the President said some members of the organised forces ranging from; the police, the army and others are part of the crimes being committed in the country.

“You have the biggest share of the blames,” President Kiir said. He cited the frequent insecurity on the Juba-Nimule road as an example of the situation where security forces failed to protect civilians.

He also said people’s homes along the Juba-Nile road had been destroyed, roofs removed and items taken.

“Who did it? It’s you because everyone going on the road sees soldiers in uniform at homes removing these things,” President Kiir told them.

The remarks by the President came barely a week after seven members of the organised forces were arrested for being suspects involved in a robbery at Gudele suburb—the incident which left two people including a two-year old baby dead and their mother injured.

“You better stop this problem,” President Kiir told the security officers as he addressed them in Arabic, adding that there was need for reforms in the police force in order to combat corruption.

The Minister of Interior, Michael Chiengjiek Geay, who spoke before the President complained that the police did not have enough guns, uniforms and vehicles to ease their work.

However, the President disputed him saying, “You said you don’t have uniforms, guns, all your uniforms are with the criminals. Where do they get them from? It is you who sold them to the criminals in the town here who have uniforms, access to the stores to take guns and uniforms.”

President Kiir further said last time he brought vehicles for the police, but they did not take even a year with them. He blamed senior police officers for using the vehicles for businesses on the streets.

“Even if vehicles are brought, would you take care of them? You will not take care of them all the vehicles given to you, you sold them. You removed the colours and take them to the market,” President Kiir accused them.

He assured them that vehicles will be brought for the police, but warned that they should not end up doing businesses on the streets. He also cautioned that anyone security officer found engaged in criminal act must be punished.

The President said the Departments of Immigration and Traffic police are also infiltrated with those whom he described as “corrupt officials” and advised them not to be involved in any corruption.

Kiir said there is a lot of none oil revenues that would even be enough to pay the salaries of civil servants but the money ends up in people’s pockets. “There are people who collect the money and put it in their pockets. You will never one day get satisfied,” he lamented.

During the inauguration of the headquarters of Luri County of Jubek State over the weekend, President Kiir stated that he was beginning to doubt the security organs due to the rampant insecurity in the national capital Juba in particular.

He cited an example of some women who lost their lives because criminals used transport motorbikes known as “boda-boda” for snatching bags from women on the road. Kiir said he had earlier ordered the police to shoot and kill anyone seen using boda-boda for snatching bags from women or civilians in general, but expressed frustration though he said the rate of this crime has reduced; it is still going on in Juba. He ordered the police to get rid of these criminals and those who enter people’s home at night to rob them.


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