Kiir appeals to oppositions to join peace process

By Nema Juma

President Salva Kiir has called on other hold out groups to join the peace process, saying there was no need for wars.

“There is no reason for all those wars, this independence was not taken by force but even if it was by force we did the referendum,” Kiir said during Martyrs Day celebration in Juba on Wednesday.

The President said that the liberation struggle cannot be declared complete until the country achieved total peace and economic development.

He further appealed to women whose relatives died during the liberation struggle to go and register the names of those who died so that they will be remembered.

Meanwhile the Governor of Jubek State Augustino Jadallah Wani also urged people who are still carrying arms against the government to put them down.

“I urge those people who are still carrying guns that let them stop because we want peace. Our people are tired of hearing the sound of guns,” Jadallah said.

A veteran member of the Red Army, Peter Atem urged people to give their hearts to God, saying there is no peace because they do not believe in God.

“If our heroes were to be around, our country would have been at peace because then they used to pray for reality but now when we came to Juba we are cursed that’s why we don’t have peace,” Atem said.

He urged everyone to respect the law in order to maintain peace “because our people are tired of this situation.”

“At least by November we shall have peace this must not fail. We shall have it by all means,” Atem said.


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