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KIIR, Apologizes For Economic Hardship

By Sheila Ponnie

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has apologized to the citizens and civil servants over his government’s failure to pay salaries in time.

“I want to sincerely apologize to you, my people on my own behalf and on behalf of the government,” said Kiir while addressing the nation on the occasion of the 8th Anniversary of the Independence at the State House yesterday.

The President admitted that his government has encountered serious financial challenges over the last four years.

“I am fully aware that our people are angry because of the difficult living conditions imposed on them by insecurity and economic hardships. This is further exacerbated by the failure of my government to pay salaries of our civil servants on time,” he said.

President Kiir said despite the little salaries paid by the government, it made some difference in the livelihood of the families of civil servants.

“Let me admit that over the last four years, my government encountered serious financial challenges, some of which are the result of weak governance in our revenue generating institutions but mainly due to the internal war,” he added.

The President said his government has undertaken several resolutions directing the Ministry of Finance and Planning to pay all the outstanding arrears of the workforce.

“I am reliably informed that final progress is being made in that regard and I promise you that I will personally follow that up,” he said.

The President added that unfortunately the parties to the agreement had reached a consensus to extend the pre-transitional period by another six months which is due to end in November.

“This is in order to complete the implementation of the pre-transitional task, especially in relation to the security arrangements. We hope that we get it right this time and avoid any mistake that could potentially return us to another conflict,” President Kiir said.

He extended his gratitude to the leaders of opposition parties for their commitment to the R-ARCSS.

“I call upon them to maintain that spirit of peace for the sake of our people and the country.”



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