Kidnapped woman found dead in Tombura

By Kitab A Unango

A woman abducted by suspected assailants in Tombura State last week has been found dead three days later, a resident has said.

Tombura State authorities earlier reported the kidnapping of the late Mboriunda Biegene saying they were investigating the matter to find her whereabouts.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone after arriving in Juba from Tombura yesterday, Luka William, a resident of Tombura Town said the deceased had been found dead over the weekend.

“They took her to the bush, tortured her and killed her and left. And on Friday we found her dead body there in the village,” William said.

Maridi State Information Minister, Anikumba Matthew said the deceased was kidnapped when unknown gun men attacked her family on Tuesday night and killed her husband.

The incident occurred in Senekpuro Village, west of Tombura Town.

William admitted that no arrest has been made in connection with the killing.

“It is very bad for men to kill women who are not able to fight back and it is a human right violation,” he said.

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