Kidip speaking about the current life

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Kidip is an Arabic version of lying and is the latest song from the talent kingdom crew.

The song explains the current situation of South Sudanese living in total speculation of what is going on.

Anier Bai said that majority of South Sudanese were living on expectation of things changing but could not feel the change.

Speaking of the dollar rates drop in the market but Anier Bai said that the changes were verbal and not felt by people.

“We are living in total lies of things changing but in real sense nothing is changing for example you might hear that today dollar is at this price and when you go to the market it is different price,” said Anier.

Some verses of the song also touch on the cost of water and power in the country saying that majority of people depend on lies.

Recently the Presidential Spokesperson Wek Ateny warned the public against spreading rumors about the formation of the government as the selection of the cabinet awaits.

Produced by Jehu, kipid is a dancehall feeling song and a club banger.

Talent Kingdom rose to fame with their Zoom Zoom single in the early 2016 and have since then been dropping hits for their fans.

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