Kick-boxerbagsGolden championship in Romania

By: Lodu William Odiya

South Sudan’s Kick-Boxer Lofogo Sarour Aka ‘’King Shaka’’won a Golden kick boxing championship competition in Romania last weekend.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Lofogo said his last two fights were all in Romania, one of their biggest and most beautiful promotion called “Golden championship and KO masters”.

‘’ In the first round, I won the Golden fighter Championship, the second one ended in a draw, “Said Sarour.

He stated that he was happy to see that kick boxing was being taken seriously in South Sudan and he encouraged the upcoming kick-boxers to stay focus and stick to their dreams in order for them to achieve their dream goals.

‘’Nothing comes easily, listen to your elders and follow your dreams, I am also happy to see that kickboxing is starting to catch up in South Sudan with champions like Kennedy Eliba, Monica Kelly and of course James Mojok Gau’’, he added.

Lofogo further revealed that his kickboxing career started at the age of fourteen but his parents didn’t allow him to participate in any competitions because they were afraid that he would be hurt.

‘’I began a professional fighting at the age of 23, my first fight was against Yousef El Haji from Morocco at ACB KB, one of Russia’s exclusive promotions’’,he said.

The Champion said he was born and raised up outside the country, his coming to South Sudan was to visit his family members and also planning to initiate a project named ‘Triumph of the Nation’.

‘’ With this initiative, we want to focus on the youth and also give our girls the opportunity to express themselves throughout the sports’, he said.

“We shall be able to witness solidarity, pride and of course a very high level of sportsmanship”, Lofogo added.

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