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Khorfulus County appeals for humanitarian aid


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Authorities of Khorfulus County of Central Upper Nile State have appealed to all the organizations in the country to assist with humanitarian aid.

The appeal came days after when the whole population from Kolnyang Boma returned back to Khorfulus County.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Khorfulus County Commissioner Joseph Mijak Monykuer said that the civilians returned back to the area and there was need for them to be assisted.

“We are always reporting the suffering of our people since they have come to the head quarter. Up to now there is no assistance given to them. We heard that our people are  supposed to be supported by NPA, and up to now Norwegian People’s Aid is not in the headquarter of the state,” Monykuer said.

He stated that the international organizations which are in the area of Central Upper Nile were supposed to support all the counties.

“We know that there are Non-government organizations (NGOs) under Central Upper Nile State. These NGOs are supposed to support our people. Assist them and improve their livelihood because they are suffering,” Monykuer reiterated.

Monykuer revealed that NPA has always been distributing food assistance to the neighboring counties but not Khorfulus County.

“We learnt that NPA is now distributing food. They have not conducted any assessment to our people. Now our people are suffering. Our nearby borders that include Atar, Thom, Korwach and Kolnyang are receiving food from NPA, Why not us too?’’ he asked.

He called on NPA presence in the area to also distribute food to other counties of the state.

“NGOs can work everywhere so long as there are communities to be supported. We need you to come and do assessment for our people in order to relieve them from the hunger situation,” he added.

He appealed to humanitarian organizations to always fulfill their missions in the country by supporting the vulnerable.

“Our people are suffering, support them and rise for us. They suffer from all human needs. They need shelter, medicines, food, and now they are drinking water from the river and they need to be supported,” he said.

The commissioner called on the government to direct all the humanitarian organizations where there are needs for assistance.

According to Monykuer, the security situation in the area remained normal and that the area was safe for all the humanitarian organizations to operate.


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