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Khartoum situation need urgent support

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The protest that happened yesterday in Khartoum needs urgent attention to calm the situation. Yesterday in Al-Jazeera Television the information broadcast and the online news showed that the situation was critical.  According to the information there were some high – ranking officials who were arrested and Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok detained also by the Military who staged the coup.

The destructions that happened need to be controlled with the support of the third party. We cannot see such situation happening and watch without making a contribution to end it. We know the situation had started long time ago when the former President Omer Hassan Al Bashir was removed by the citizens demanding their rights and freedom.

Since that time up to this moment the situation in Sudan has not been stable. How far is it going to take and end needs appropriate solutions. The Military Chief has already declared the state of emergency across the country. They already controlling the country because of the power they have.

Many people were in the streets of Khartoum, majority of them were men and few women.  Sudan has been in conflict with Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM} for many years until Southerners got its Independence in 2011.  Before the Independence of South Sudan, there had been conflicts between the former government of Al Bashir and Darfur people. It had taken many years until Al Bashir was removed from power.  Citizens of Khartoum have not yet got a leader that can lead them in a democratic manner. That is why the protest occurred in Khartoum the Capital of Sudan. The Prime Minister told them protest peacefully, that was a good remark on his side as a good spirit of a leader.  He knows in such condition many people would be injured and others would lose lives in the process of protesting.

It is unfortunate the coup occurred in Sudan and the victims were citizens especially women and children. I wish they will come out with immediate solution to end the protest in a good way and live in peace. There is nothing good in this world than living in peace and stability.

May God bless them all.

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