Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual and Gen. Johnson OlonyThubo were army generals of the SPLA-IO in general, but because they had had differences with Dr. Riek Machar, they defected against the SPLM/A-IO led by Dr. Riek Machar and formed a faction called Gitgwang. All clashes that took place were reported to have taken place between Gitgwang Faction under Gen. Simon Gatwech and SPLA-IO forces under Riek Machar. If it happens that these forces are to be brought on board for peace deal, the SPLM-IG and other mediators should be the ones to arrange negotiations and dates for signing the agreement carrying at their fingertips neutrality. But what happened in the Khartoum Peace Agreement signed a day ago in Khartoum was so confusing that it threw the country in to rumination. Where on earth do two people quarrel and when they are called for an agreement, somebody who should have been a mediator, pops up in the middle and signs an agreement with one warring side? The Khartoum Peace Agreement was expected to be signed between GitgwangFaction and SPLM/A-IO under Dr Riek Machar, not between Gitgwang and Agwelek Factions and SPLM-IG. If the SPLM-IG has signed on behalf of the SPLM-IO on unrevealed accounts, then the SPL-IG should come up and relieve the headaches it caused to people by clarifying what makes it sign peace with Gitgwang Faction. It seems like the real cause of the Gitgwang Faction is unearthing itself in the process. Now, the question that overrides is that, how safe is the Revitalized Peace Agreement?  What led to the mentioning of the Revitalized Agreement is that, the mistrust that led to the eruption of two fatal wars is tripling as evidenced by unclear rushing of SPLM-IG to sign Khartoum Peace Agreement when the SPLM-IO has already accepted to negotiate with Gitgwang Faction.  

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