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KHARTOUM – New proposal to be inked today

By Jale Richard

The Sudan mediating team yesterday tabled a new draft proposal of outstanding issues to be signed today by the parties to the High Level Revitalization Forum in Khartoum.

The new proposal came after the previous one was disagreed upon by some of the parties. The parties to the peace talks were expected to study the document yesterday and sign it today, the final day of the talks in Khartoum after many extensions.

The new proposal unveiled yesterday maintained incumbent President Salva Kiir to lead the transitional period with opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar deputizing him as the First Vice President. He (Machar) would also lead the Governance Cluster.

The mediators also maintained the four other Vice Presidents, with the incumbent Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) nominating two. The South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO), and the Former political Detainees (FDs) nominating one each.

“Apart from the First Vice President, there shall be no hierarchy among Vice Presidents, Decision making in the Presidency shall be in a spirit of collegial collaboration. However, the powers and functions of the President, First Vice President, and Vice Presidents shall be delineated along the provisions of the ARCSS 2015,” the document read in part.

All the Vice Presidents shall oversee the Governance, Economics, Service Delivery, Infrastructure, and Gender and Youth Clusters.

The mediators proposed for a 35 ministers with the incumbent TGoNU nominating 20, the SPLM/A-IO 09 Ministers, the SSOA 03 Ministers, the FDs 02 Ministers, and the OPP 01 Minister.

There shall be 10 Deputy Ministers in the following Ministries: Cabinet Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Interior, Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Finance, Agricultural and Food Security, General Educational and Instruction, Public Services and Human Resource Development, and  Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

Deputy Ministers shall be nominated by the Parties by rotation with the TGoNU: nominating five (5) Deputy Ministers, SPLM/A-IO three (3) Deputy Ministers, SSOA one (1) Deputy Minister, and the OPP one (1) Deputy Minister.

“No fewer than three (3) of the Deputy Ministers shall be women,” according to the proposal.

“If more than two Advisers to the President are appointed, the responsibility sharing ratio shall apply to their selection,” it added.

In the Transitional National Legislative assembly, it shall be composed of 550 members, with the incumbent TGoNU nominating 332 members, the SPLM/A-IO 128 members, the SSOA 50 members, the OPP 35 members, and the FDs 5 members.

The Speaker of the TNLA shall be nominated by Incumbent TGoNU and one Deputy Speaker to be nominated by OPP and the other, a woman, to be nominated by Incumbent TGoNU.


In the Council of States, the Speaker shall be nominated by SPLM/A-IO and the Deputy Speaker shall be nominated by Incumbent TGoNU.

The Council of States shall be composed of 50 members, “or the closest figure that can be shared evenly by the States as per the number that shall be recommended by the IBC. However, the minimum number for the representatives of every and each State shall be two.”

The responsibility sharing ratio shall be used to consider membership of the Council of States.

In the number of states, the mediators maintained the current 32 states until a study by Independent Boundaries Commission (IBC) would determine the number of states.

“In the unlikely event of the IBC failing to make its recommendations before the end of the Pre-Transitional Period, the Republic of South Sudan shall have as regions the old three provinces, as per their boundaries of January 1st 1956. This solution shall be adopted on temporary basis until the number and boundaries of the States are agreed,” (full proposal p.8).










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