Khalf-De-Sycs, Young Neigbor realease 2020 single

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese duo, Khalf-De-Sycs and Young Neighbor have released their latest single for 2020.

The afro dancehall song titled “fall in love” was produced by eno beats in Kampala.

Fall in love talks about a man who deeply felt in love with a lady but fears to approach her face to face.

Just as lovers throw all beautiful words to a lady in order to convince her, all the duo did was transform the feelings into a song that people can dance to.

“Fall in love is our storyline of this cute lady in the neighborhood whose photos kept coming on our faces in the dreams,” Khalf-De-Sycs said.

Khalf-De-Sycs said despite all discouragements that hindered him from loving the lady, he never gave up but kept trying his best.

The issue of jealousy is a common thing among the youth who end up envying each other because of a lady that all eyes are on.

Fall in love, sung both in simple Arabic Juba and English has become a club banger that rocks the heavy speakers in Juba’s most chilling spots and across the country.

While passing by places like club de Buddies, Space lounge and Signature, Juba Monitor witnessed the craziness people display as they dance to the song.

Young Neighbor is currently based in Cairo but told Juba Monitor that he plans to return home to focus on the musical career.

Khalf-De-Sycs and Young Neighbor rose to fame with “zaman”, a song that rocked in 2012 and 2013.

Still keeping strong, the duo revealed that it was through team work and brotherhood that they have managed to stick together in the music industry for the last years.

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