Key for success is Education

Education is the key to success but without it we cannot succeed. This is my belief.Do we all agree? If yes, why are we still idle? We should grab this key and use it for unlocking the door of success. The only key we always hear is education. It is now ringing the bell informing us to wake up and go to school. That is the only way to change from bad to good.  We should stop planning for things that bring confusion and division.  Let us motivate this young generation by promoting their skills and talents. Teach them how to behave in the public and have free interaction with one another.

Take education as a tool for overcoming the poverty and illiteracy. When people are genteel, they do not create problems but always find solutions.  Learning is not about reading books and speaking only, but when a person has good communication skills, he would make right interpretation of statement.

Around us, we have people who try to plan evils in order to let people collide and after the result is their self-interest.  As educated people, let us try to teach them to follow the right step.  We need to create a safe and peaceful environment.  And the best step is to stop tribalism, hatred and corruption which are the diseases affecting our lives today.

We have people with many papers (documents) and  they think they are literate but still characterized with bad manners. Some are big hearted. Some are wise takers.

If we all know what to do for ourselves and the country, one day the situation will not remain the same. Think of something which will benefit you and your country. One time you will possess a degree and find yourself qualified to serve people, but the other idea you should know is that not all educated people are to become leaders. Leadership is the process giving your lifetime for the sake of others. It means to offer your belongings and suffer to set the rest free.

Wise people know what makes others happy and angry. But there are people who release unpleasant words that offend others. Because they lack reasoning capacity, they don’t know the outcome of all what they say. As people who have undergone some leadership training or studies, let us not blame the whole community when it is only one person who does wrong. Judge a person not basing on the origin but at least according to what he or she does. And when trying to transform a person, don’t focus on defaming and blaming him, correct the wrong doings and show the right way. When you know your rights and duties as I do, the cooperation will bring development soon.

Although our homeland is destroyed, our good hearts can never be changed. Hence, we shall still love ourselves. And although crises are cracking us down, we cannot give up. We shall keep following our studies until the time we shall all get knowledge and apply it for making changes.

By Michael Ngor Atem

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