Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi crack ribs in Juba


Eric Omondi gets closer to crack his fans’ ribs on Friday 04/05/2018 (photo by Mandela Nelson Denis)

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The return of Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi broke ribs on Friday at Nyakuron cultural center in the first phase of the Junub comedy for peace.

The event was aimed at bringing South Sudanese together to realize the importance of arts towards peace building. It attracted top government officials, including the Minister of Defense Kuol Manyang Juuk.

The minister and other key government officials laughed their lungs out, especially when Eric Omondi reminded him that in 2016, he (Kuol) gave the comedian some money.

“Sir! In 2016 I remember you gave me money. You will give me something today, should I come for money?” Eric Omondi joked.

The jokes kept the Minister giggling with laughter as he nodded his head throughout the show.

The Kenyan Comedian swept so many fans off their seats when he asked the crowd whether or not he resembled Barrack Obama, the former President of USA.

“I want you people to be honest, do I look like Barrack Obama? Many people confuse me for being Obama in Kenya,” Eric said.

Eric Omondi also revealed South Sudanese should use the power of comedy towards peace building, reminding the citizens of how comedy united his country Kenya.

“We all know what Kenya went through but the power of comedy united us. Each time we laughed together we realized how important it was to put our differences aside,” Omondi lamented.

Eric Omondi is considered one of the funniest men in Africa. He joins the likes of, Travor Noah of South African, Clint de Drunk and Basket Mouth of Nigeria and Uganda’s Patrick Salvador.

There were also thrilling performances from South Sudanese comedians such as VIP, who is believed to be the father of comedy in South Sudan, Wokili, 400Kgs, Akodoman and Golden Boy.

Female artist Tutu Baibe of the “Achak-cak” fame hit also performed at the comedy show.








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