Kenyan Ambassador to S. Sudan dies

By:  Mandela Nelson Denis

The Kenyan Ambassador to South Sudan Chris Karumba Mburu has died, an embassy official confirmed.

Mr. Mburu collapsed and died at his residence in Juba on Sunday.

Mburu reportedly died of heart attack.

The late was appointed as Kenya’s ambassador to South Sudan in July 2018.

Mburu who once served as a Director at the National Intelligence Service was part of an aggressive team that held Champaign against counterfeit Kenyan goods being sold in South Sudan.

Mburu was also among the team pursuing an agreement to have Kenyans and South Sudan nationals exempted from producing visas during cross border travel to facilitate easier movement.

Antony Orege, a Kenyan national who is currently working in South Sudan describes Mburu has one who changed the face of the Kenyan Embassy in South Sudan.

“The late Ambassador will be remembered as one of those who uplifted the face of the embassy to a more spacious environment and it is because of him that the embassy has great people now, it is so unfortunate and may his soul rest in peace”, said Antony.

Wanjiru Amani, a Kenyan Businesswoman in Juba said she was shocked and surprised by the sudden dead of the late Ambassador.

 “I was told by a friend that Ambassador passed on and I am trying to believe though it is hard, he has been a very simple and accessible person who wished the best for everyone,” said Wanjiru.

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