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The Jonglei state high court Judge has said that the legal operations have resumed following two months of court irregularities in the state.

Justice John Yel Aleu, the president of the Jonglei High Court said that the normal sessions and legal cases have been pending since he was on official duty in Juba.

He termed the escalation that the Jonglei high court was suspended for farming period as a “misunderstanding” of the executive order issued.

In May, Jonglei state government suspended the local courts for six months to allow civil population to farm and engage in agricultural practices since it was a farming season.

The legal fraternity known as South Sudan Bar Association (SSBA) disapproved the move taken by the authorities in May citing that it was such provisions that were not reflected in the constitution.

Judge Aleu assured the people whose cases have been pending at the court to hope that their legal cases would be attended to constantly without interruptions since he has returned to his office.

“I want to thank the people of Jonglei state for their patience; I know many people have been waiting for justice for the last two months. So I just want to assure them that even though the time was long, I am back on board,” he said.

“Your right is always your right and you will get it if you have that right. I just want people to forward their papers whether it is a criminal case, appeal or a civil case,” Justice Aleu added.

According to the Judge, his first prerogative from today onwards was to visit the prison as a main priority.

“I just want to say that those who are in prison have a priority. I will at least make a visit to see the remands of the prison. I will check the number of people there and for how long they have been there and the cases they have been arrested for,” the Judge stated.

Justice Aleu figured out that the other focus on his resumption would be on the petition and appeal cases.

“For the hearing, it will be the next step. So I will go for that but at least I have to look on the petitions and the remands. The next step would be to call the witnesses and we hear. From today, we will proceed ahead,” he said

Justice Aleu continued that the executive orders for the suspension of the courts were meant for local chiefs’ courts not the state judiciary.

“Their directives were for chiefs courts. This is because chiefs have a period where people are supposed to go for the faming but for the courts especially the county courts, town bench courts are working daily except on public holidays,´

He said that though he was in Juba, the county courts have been operational on other legal matters.

He said that since he is back, he would resume his work today.

The Judge said that the land disputes would also be the next focus in his timetable since they were rampant land disputes within Bor town.

Bor town resident Bol Jacob welcomed the resumption of the high court sessions, saying that people were deadly needing justice.

“Yes, many people have accumulated filed cases but it was very difficult to execute them but since the judge is back, we will be expecting to have the justice as usual,” he

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