Kenya protesters should give justice a chance

Relatives of the four jailed Kenyans took to the streets and marooned the South Sudan Embassy in Nairobi protesting the jailing of their kith and kins. Under normal circumstance, this could have been understood globally.  But coming at a time when the law body in this country has re-directed re-trial of all the 16 accused facing the same charges is not acceptable as it is bent to solicit for favor on one side. All were accused for major offence of corruption and intent to defraud the country through office of the President Millions in millions. Considering where we are now and our economic background notwithstanding. It would be unacceptable to selectively give attention to one section while leaving the other. That the court has re-directed re-trial, it has to be given pace to take its direction and if found not guilty, all be given fair trial and released according to the law. No country including Kenya can be pressurized to terminate or release anyone who is alleged to have committed economic crime against a country without fair trial in the dock. Doors are open for the well-being of those behind bars until proven innocent. We are aware that diplomatic approach led by Kenya Embassy in this country has been taking place, but the rule of law cannot be bent to favor few individuals. The protesters and demonstrators in Nairobi or elsewhere must give justice a chance and at the same time consult with Kenyan Embassy here how far they had gone in ensuring the well-being of the four in prison. The action mounted in Nairobi is an eyesore and endangered the relationship of the two countries and their citizens who inter-travel for business or staying in the two localities. This should be discouraged and proper channels followed. We have evidence that Kenyan Ambassador has been leading the mission to visit the four to find out their needs and assure them of the progress in place. Let us all give justice a chance although currently the judiciary is in limbo.

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