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Kenya in calm as people await Odinga’s court process

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Kenya is calm as people wait for the results of the court hearing of opposition leader, Ralia Odinga Omollo, who challenged the result of the elections where Incumbent, Uhuru Kenyatta was declared winner.

Some of the people in Kenya who spoke to Juba Monitor through Social Media chat said that things are normal, and most people are running about their businesses as usual.

Denaya Dennis a South Sudanese currently in Nairobi said since Ralia went to court, tensions reduced in Kenya.

“I am in Nairobi, things are normal since Ralia decided to go to court, that has reduced tensions,” Dennis said.

Another source who requested anonymity said areas such as Kibera, Kisumu, Mathare and a few areas with strong opposition supporters witnessed violence upon the election results but when the government sent police, the situation became calm.

Nairobi is reported to be quiet though most people are not yet back to the city from the villages they had gone to vote from. “Schools are expected to open next week and this is expected to bring more people back to the city,” the anonymous source said.

Ajah Deng who lives in Nairobi said that all she prays for is peace even after the court results are declared.

Rahamdan Hamisi a Kenyan who casted his vote and came back to Kampala where he works said that it is only God who knows what will come from the court results.

This is the second time that opposition leader Ralia Odinga is challenging election results in the Supreme Court. In 2013, Odinga challenged the presidential results in the Supreme Court and lost. Now he said the court had an opportunity to demonstrate its independence.

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