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Kenya cabinet to decide fate of UN sanctioned individuals

By Odongo Odoyo

The Government of Kenya is yet to get instructions from the cabinet on how to handle the issues of the six top army officers whose assets are to be frozen following sanctions by the United Nations.

A source at the Kenya Embassy in Juba yesterday confirmed to Juba Monitor having received a circular from Central Bank of Kenya instructing banks linked to the institution to stop all transactions with the six top army officers sanctioned by the UN.  The circular demanded the immediate freeze of bank accounts and other assets of the six who are listed and named as, James Koang Chuol, Commander of SPLA-IO and Simon Gatwech Dual, Chief of General Staff (SPLA-IO).

Others are Peter Gadet, the deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (SPLA-IO), Gabriel Jok Riak, Commander (SPLA), Santino Deng Wol, Commander in the SPLA and Marial Chanuong Yol Mangok from the SPLA. The embassy source said “we have seen the circular but we cannot do anything. Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is an institution with its own mandate, for us as an embassy we must get directive from the cabinet which we have not. I can assure you we are consulting with Nairobi but if one of these people walked here now, definitely we shall give him visa or process his travelling documents.”

Earlier, a banking source in the country from one of the institutions linked to Central bank of Kenya commonly referred to as “Banki Kuu Ya Kenya” said they had received the circular for the freezing of assets belonging to the six people with firm instructions not to transact any business with them. We are also consulting with the Central Bank of South Sudan on the way forward and on how to implement the instructions”.

The financial circular No.4 from Nairobi is dated 10th of this month and addressed to the Chief Executives of Commercial Banks in South Sudan and the region with links to CBK operations.

The six were sanctioned by the UN Security Council under UNSCR 2206 in 2015 for human rights violations and continued participation and involvement in the armed conflict in South Sudan. Under the UN Resolution, all designated Individuals are subject to sanctions which include travel ban and an asset freeze.

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