Kembe International Music to launch a new book

Justin John Billy Dean of college of Arts music and Drama(Photo: Martha David)

By Martha David

The Dean College of Arts, Music and Drama and the author of the book said they will launch a new book about the revolutionary songs of singer Emmanuel Kembe.

He said the book now in its finishing touches will be launched as soon as it is completed.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Justin John Billy said the book titled “the revolution and freedom songs” was produced after there volutionary life and ideology of Emmanuel Kembe.

The book is written in Arabic language but it will be translated in to English.

He said the book has five chapters, every chapter is about different experiences during the two decades of liberation struggle with the Sudan.

Justine said the book talks about Kembe’s revolutionary life and the challenges he faced during the struggle, and his songs that described the communities of south Sudan and their sufferings.

Justin explained that Kembe faced a lot of challenges during his life but those challenges strengthened him more to keep moving on with building the music industry.

“A lot of challenges faced him but he could overcome them and this has become the basic motive for him to do better in music,”Justin said.

He added that Kembe has played a big role in his community through his songs that give a complete picture of people of the country and their way of life.

Just in described Emmanuel Kembe as an example of humble people. He said Kembe’s songs send messages of hope and peace to the people of south Sudan.

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